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Basics for digital competence development in SMEs

Introduction Video

Training tools and supporting material
for the promotor

The following material should be used by the promoter to get an overview of the topic. In a second step, this material shall supply him with useful tools and methodical ideas to pass on the subject to other employees of the company.

Additional resources and links

In this part, the promoter can find material that gives him important background knowledge about the topic. It is often meant for further reading after having finished the upper part of this document but can also be studied separately. The information is often more detailed and specific and therefore rather useful for the promoter himself, who wants to enter classes with a deeper insight in those parts of the topic that seem interesting and useful to the company.

Workbased Learning in a digital age and companies role

Assessing digital competences

How to improve digital competences

Digital Competence Framework for citizens

Digital competences in the sector of tourism

Digital competences in the sector of commerce

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