Work-based-learning in a digital age
promoting digital competences for better employability and innovation
ERASMUS+ 2017-1-DE02-KA202-004185



IO3 Online Toolbox 4.0

Tourism and retail do digital




  • Success strories
  • Digital framework
  • Training material
  • Videos
  • Recommendation
  • Best practices

Guidelines to promote digital competences (dc) at the workplace


Unit 1:
Workbased Learning in a digital age and companies role

Unit 2:
How to assess digital competences in my company

Unit 3:
Learning opportunities to improve DC in sector Tourism

Unit 4:
Learning opportunities to improve DC in commerce / in sector Retail

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The power of strong visuals can’t be underestimated.
We’ve all heard the old saying, “a picture tells a thousand words” and today this couldn’t be more true.

An image is one of the closest ways we can come to experiencing a destination without physically going there. Good, strong images will influence someone’s decisions, expectations and emotions before they even set foot at the location.


Best practice - Retail digital -

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 Omni-channel Retail Strategy

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