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Basics for digital competence development in tourism

Website generation and search engine optimization

The knowledge about content management systems (CMS) and search engine optimization (SEO) is important for the creation and the constant improvement of sector specific websites.

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Database management and data processing in the tourism sector

An increasing number of customer databases are developed in order to collect and systemize information about potential clients. Knowledge about creation and management of these databases are the base for successful database marketing and the understanding of customer behaviour.

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Online reputation and successful digital marketing

This chapter contains information about flexible marketing and pricing strategies, as well as good online reputation management. These aspects determine long term success of a company in the digital world, where transience is one of the main characteristics.

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Influence of new technologies and impact on organisational demands

Innovations and new technologies result in challenges as well as new options for the tourism sector. This chapter gives an overview of the existing and upcoming possibilities to increase customer satisfaction by applying new technologie

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DC4WORK toolbox - the main instrument for the digital competence promoter 

Workbased Learning in a digital age and companies role

Assessing digital competences

How to improve digital competences

Digital Competence Framework for citizens

Digital competences in the sector of tourism

Digital competences in the sector of commerce

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