Work-based-learning in a digital age
promoting digital competences for better employability and innovation
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Basics for digital Competences Development in touristic SMEs 


Basics for digital Competences Development in touristic SMEs 

The goal of this module is to offer efficient, fun and cost-saving methods for digital competence development in SMEs.
The module also offers ideas and tips for accelerating work-based learning and knowledge sharing, and helsp employees to become aware all the free resources available for continuous learning.



Units of learning outcome


Website Creation and Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

This free SEO tutorial guides you and your students through the basics of search engine optimization of websites. 


Use GoogleAnalytics as an examplary tool  to analyse and manage your customer data. 


After having your customer data, you might wnat to introduce googleAds as a program that helps you creating and placing advertisment.

SEO for Travel Marketing:

Get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your side to optimize your travel website, increase brand awareness, and improve customer engagement!


Database Management and Data Processing

Basics about Databases

As an introduction, you might want to show this explanatory video about the creation, structure and use of a database.

Creating a Database

If you think about creating a project with your students to develop an own database, use this guideline to get ideas and further Information about how to create databases.

Booking Systems

This is a comparison of different booking systems with free demo versions. It might give a base for a fruitful discussion about which system might be fitting best to the company's requirements


Online Reputation and successful digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

This link offers an online digital marketing course with 26 units which should enable the user to master the basics of digital marketing. 

Online Marketing Tools (DE)

As a discussion basis about the use of different online marketing tools, this site explains existing tools and includes links to various providers

Successful online Marketing - an Example (DE)

If you want to show good and successful online marketing,  alpinmarketing might be a good example. It is an agency that offers marketing strategies especially for the sector of alpine tourism.


Influence and organisational impact of new Technologies

History of Digitalisation (DE)

A historical timeline with digitalisation steps (dig 1.0 to dig 4.0) shows that our digitalization is just the continuing consequence of the industrialisation.

The Digital Workplace

This article of Deloitte offers a discussion basis about digitalisation in general. It provides the reader with a definition of the digital workplace as well as some knowledge about existing tools and a step by step tasklist (examples and ideas given e.g.).

Digital Transformation in the Tourism Sector - Challenges and Opportunities

Here you can find a powerpoint presentation about opportunities and challenges of digitalisation. It might be useful as an illustration of the topic and can be downloaded as a pdf file.

How to build a BOT?

To get some hands on exercises try to build a BOT with your students or let them build one on their own.


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