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Basics for digital competences development in commercial SMEs


This module shows how digitalization has changed customer behaviour in commerce and how companies could better respond to these changes. This module helps to approach digital marketing and introduces various different tools which commercial enterprises can use to develop their business. Managing customer data is one of the topics you will deepen your knowledge on.

This module should be studied by everybody, who is interested in:

  • Digital Marketing

  • Customer understanding in the Digital Age

  • Managing Customer Data


Training material


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is part of everyday business. Whether marketing is about getting new customers, staying in touch with existing customers or managing the customer base, all these areas are increasingly digital.

This module focuses on the need of developing digital marketing, different approaches to connecting with customers and options of digital marketing channels. It familiarizes SMEs with the key elements of digital marketing and introduces useful tools for development of companies marketing efforts.

This Prezi presentation is an introduction to digital marketing


Customer Understanding in the Digital Age

Digitalization helps to build up customer profile, choose our marketing channels, create content and visualize the customer journey. Growing customer understanding leads SMEs to choose the right channels and tailor their message to better serve their customers.

This Prezi presentation offers insight and ideas on how to develop customer understanding in digital age


Managing Customer Data

Digitalization opens up new possibilities for managing and utilizing customer data. This module offers brief introduction into customer data and some practices on how to manage it. Deeper and more detailed customer information enables SMEs to better target their marketing efforts and to increase return on their marketing investment.

Here’s Prezi microlecture on Managing customer data


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Further reading and links


Further reading and links

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