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Hardware skills and digital infrastructure

Hardware skills and digital infrastructure

If you are looking for a way, to introduce the different hardware components of a computer, you can use this video as a proper explanation about how a computer is built up and what are the most important components. Once you introduced the topic, you might want to dive deeper into the question of how to set up a network. This link supplies a beginners guide of how to install a network and also includes an explanatory video. It can be used as the base to set up a project work for the employees the results in the installation of an internal network.


Information and background knowledge 

In this part, the promoter can find material that gives him important background knowledge about the topic. It is often meant for further reading after having finished the upper part of this document but can also be studied separately. The information is often more detailed and specific and therefore rather useful for the promoter himself, who wants to enter classes with a deeper insight in those parts of the topic that seem interesting and useful to the company.

After having heard a lot about hardware, you might want to know about some common problems and how to find a simple do-it-yourself solution. In that case, the following website provides you with useful information. To get an Idea about what digital infrastructure is and what aspects it includes, you might want to check on this link. The page will forward you to more detailed information of specific topics.