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Software skills and data literature

Internal and external use of communication and information tools

As an introduction, you might find these two videos (easy and more detailed ) interesting. They explain, how cloud storage systems work and what differences exist.

After having entered the subject of storage devices, these facts about cloud storage systems could be used as a base for some discussion about the pros and cons of different systems.

This article about different companies that have a successful social media presence might serve you as a starting point for some discussion about how your company’s online presence can be developed. Together with those informative pages from "sproutsocial" and "onlinemarketinginstitute" about how to build up a favourable social media presence, you could even think about launching a project work to optimize your company’s appearance in social media.

Information and background knowledge

In this part, the promoter can find material that gives him important background knowledge about the topic. It is often meant for further reading after having finished the upper part of this document but can also be studied separately. The information is often more detailed and specific and therefore rather useful for the promoter himself, who wants to enter classes with a deeper insight in those parts of the topic that seem interesting and useful to the company.

As an introduction, you might want to have a look at those articles ( article 1 and article 2) that give an idea about the term “virtual workforce” and provide you with some statistics concerning the effects of this new way of working.

You can find more background information about the effects of digitalisation within a company and different strategies here.

Internal and external communication in companies - pros and cons - 
the article leads to further links regarding the topic including an intranet guide (free download)
Scientific article that discusses the benefits and barriers of internal communication tools in large companies