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Software skills and data literature

Software skills and data literature

After having talked about the hardware of a computer, you can find here an informative video about the definition of basic computer software. The video is the sequel of the one you can find in chapter Hardware. To enter the subject of search engines, you might want to use this  link as an interactive, optical support  to talk about the historical development of search engines.  If you want to start a discussion about the market power of google and the comparison of different search engines, this document might be useful as an informative context to start with.

The following two links ("futurelearn", "DigitalLiteracy") give access to free online courses for digital skills and literacy. You might want to motivate your students to participate in one of the courses (or even participate yourself J)

If you’re thinking about doing a project or group work, you might find useful ideas in this to-do-list. It can be used for several topics in this module.


Information and background knowledge  

In this part, the promoter can find material that gives him important background knowledge about the topic. It is often meant for further reading after having finished the upper part of this document but can also be studied separately. The information is often more detailed and specific and therefore rather useful for the promoter himself, who wants to enter classes with a deeper insight in those parts of the topic that seem interesting and useful to the company.

This first link about search engine history is useful to get a more detailed insight in the development of search habits in the internet during the last decades.

To get a first idea about what search engine optimization (SEO) means, this homepage shows in a very illustrated way, how sear engines see your homepage and explain the points that need to be taken into account in order to be found by google and its friends.

If you want to know more about how to properly use a search engine and how to optimize the results you need, here and here you can find two useful instructions of how to use search engines.

As we all know by now, google is the market giant and its way of using our data often leads to heated discussions. So more and more users are searching for an alternative to the giant in order to keep what’s left of their privacy. To get an idea about what other products are on the market, click here.

To get an idea about what kinds of data bases exist and what they can be used for, the European Commission offers a page with scientific tools and databases. 
The department of health and care offers an overview offer a list of common digital tools and how they might help you do your job.